prosperity chinese crochet pattern

Lu (Prosperity) Chinese Trivet – Crochet Pattern

“Prosperity is not measured by money alone. Prosperity is a state of mind, a sense of well-being, and a feeling of abundance.”

– Benjamin Franklin


The Lu (Prosperity) Chinese Trivet is the second pattern of my Fu Lu Shou Trivet Collection and it’s an advanced beginner mosaic crochet pattern.

The Chinese character 祿 (lù) has its origin in ancient China and is associated with the concept of “prosperity” and “good fortune”. The character consists of two parts: 示 (shì) and 录 (lù), with the latter part indicating the sound of the character. The earliest known form of the character 录 can be traced back to oracle bone inscriptions from the Shang Dynasty.

In the oracle bone inscriptions, 录 was depicted as a form of a water-drawing bucket, indicating the action of fetching water to irrigate crops, which was believed to lead to a good harvest. In later bronze inscriptions, 录 was often replaced by the character 禄, which is used to signify blessings and good fortune.

In Chinese culture, the character 祿 is often associated with the Chinese New Year and is commonly used in traditional decorations and greetings to bring good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year. The character is also often used in the names of Chinese businesses, products, and services, as a symbol of good fortune and success.

Origins of the Expression 福祿壽

福祿壽 (fú lù shòu) is a well-known Chinese phrase that represents the three most popular Chinese blessings: “happiness” (福), “wealth” (祿), and “longevity” (壽). The origin of this phrase can be traced back to ancient China and has been widely used in Chinese culture for thousands of years.

The origins of each character are as follows:

福 (fú) – Happiness: The character 福 has a rich history and is believed to have originated from oracle bone inscriptions during the Shang Dynasty. The original form of the character depicted a person bowing down and offering a sacrifice to the gods, suggesting that happiness is bestowed upon people by the heavens.

祿 (lù) – Wealth: The character 祿 originally meant “salary” or “official income” and was used to describe the stipends given to government officials during the Zhou Dynasty. Over time, the character evolved to represent wealth and prosperity.

壽 (shòu) – Longevity: The character 壽 represents the idea of longevity and a long life. The character originally depicted a person holding a peach, which is a symbol of immortality in Chinese culture. Over time, the character has become associated with the concept of a long and healthy life.

Together, these three characters represent the most important blessings in Chinese culture and are often used together in decorations, artwork, and celebrations to symbolize good fortune and well-being.



The Lu (Prosperity) Chinese Trivet is an advanced beginner mosaic crochet pattern. Mosaic crochet is a colorwork technique that is worked on the right side (RS) only. Each row uses one color, which will require us to fasten off and cut off the working yarn at the end of each row. The only two stitches that are required to work on a mosaic crochet pattern are single crochet and double crochet.

If this is the first time you come across a mosaic crochet project, don’t be afraid. The technique is really simple, and I guide you through it with a very detailed explanation and picture tutorial on the PDF pattern! The pattern consists of 14 pages, more than 30 pictures and a graph, so I promise that even a beginner can do it!

If you don’t wish to make a potholder, you can turn this trivet into a framed art (check picture below). The PDF pattern also comes with instructions on how to do this 🙂


To work on this pattern, you will need:


Approx. 8”-9” square (after blocking).


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