Joy Framed Décor – Crochet Pattern

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.

Henri Nouwen


Background Story

The Joy Framed Decor is a crochet pattern worked with the tapestry crochet and cross stitch techniques. Along with the Peace Framed Decor, they make a matching set.

Ever since I have memory, I’ve been more of an Eeyore than a Pooh. (If you are a Winnie the Pooh fan like me, you probably know what I mean.) The word “joy” isn’t a natural part of my dictionary, and although I am no psychologist, I attribute this to all the traumas I’ve gone through in life.

Speaking of traumas, I believe everyone experiences some sort of trauma in their lives but maybe to a different extent. However, trauma is trauma, no matter how big or small. They leave you a scar that is always present, reminding you of what happened in the past. Traumas can change you as a person. Traumas can change your worldview. Traumas can paralyze you. But traumas can also make you grow.

At this point of my life, I am learning to view trauma differently. I am learning to view it as a steppingstone and not a stumbling block. I am learning to be brave and choose joy, as Wess Stafford once said: “Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life.” And in the process, I am an Eeyore aspiring to be a Pooh.

Meaning of the Chinese Characters 喜樂

The Chinese characters 喜樂 (xǐ lè) together mean “joy” or “happiness”. 喜 (xǐ) means “joy” or “happiness”, and 樂 (lè) means “joy” or “music”.

In the context of Chinese culture, the concept of 喜樂 encompasses a sense of inner joy and contentment, as well as an outward expression of happiness and celebration. It is often associated with festive occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays, and is expressed through music, dance, and other forms of artistic expression.

The concept of 喜樂 also has spiritual and philosophical dimensions, particularly in the context of Buddhism and Taoism. In these traditions, the cultivation of inner joy and happiness is seen as a key component of spiritual growth and enlightenment, and is often achieved through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and compassion for others.



The Joy Framed Decor is an advanced beginner tapestry crochet pattern with a touch of cross-stitch. The Chinese characters 喜乐 (xi-le) are worked with the tapestry crochet technique, while the English word “Joy” and the hearts are worked with cross-stitch. This pattern and the Peace Framed Décor pattern that I released earlier this year make a matching set. They are perfect for any occasion and will surely make a cute décor for your home. But they may be especially suitable for the holiday season.

The Joy Framed Decor crochet pattern guides you step by step through the tapestry crochet and cross stitch techniques with clear written instructions, pictures and video tutorials.

If this is your first time coming across a tapestry crochet project, I have a series of Tapestry Crochet Tutorial that I would suggest you check out before you start this project. The tutorial provides simple patterns for you to practice as well. The type of tapestry crochet that I used for both the Peace and Joy Framed Decor is the one that I called Two-Directional Flat Tapestry Crochet.

If this is your first time trying cross stitch on crochet, take a look at this quick video. It is really easy! Besides this video, I also have very detailed written instructions and picture tutorial in the pattern to guide you along the way.


To work on this pattern, you will need:

  • Joy Framed Decor crochet pattern by Haven Crochet Designs
  • Caron One Pound yarn (this is a thicker #4 worsted weight yarn; 454g/16oz, 742m/812yds per ball)
    • Main Color (White) – approx. 265 yds
    • Contrast Color A (Black) – approx. 100 yds
    • Contrast Color B (Country Rose) – approx. 10 yds
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • (1) 20” x 16” picture frame (I used RIBBA frame from IKEA)
  • Blocking mat, pins, spray bottle with water


The finished project measures approximately 20″ (W) x 16″ (H). It fits perfectly in a 20″ x 16″ picture frame. In the event that you cannot find a picture frame, I give you some suggestions in the pattern to make this project frameless!


This pattern and associated images are copyright protected and the sole property of Haven Crochet Designs. The pattern is for personal use only and may not be redistributed, transferred, or sold. Please do not alter the pattern in order to claim it as your own. Items produced from my patterns may be sold at your discretion. However, I kindly ask that you credit me as the designer and provide a link back to my site, or provide my social media handle @havencrochetdesigns. For more details, see Terms and Conditions.