blessing chinese crochet pattern

Fu (Blessing) Chinese Trivet – Crochet Pattern

“Blessings sometimes show up in unrecognizable disguises. “

– Janette Oke


The Fu (Blessing) Chinese Trivet is the first pattern of my Fu Lu Shou Trivet Collection and it’s an advanced beginner mosaic crochet pattern.

The Chinese character 福 (fú) means “blessing” or “good fortune”. It is a commonly used character in Chinese culture and is often seen during the Lunar New Year, weddings, and other important events as a symbol of prosperity and happiness.

The character 福 is composed of two parts, the left part (示) which represents a hand offering a gift or blessing, and the right part (畐) which is believed to be a phonetic component. Together, the character represents the concept of good luck and fortune being bestowed upon someone.

The origin of the character 福 can be traced back to ancient China during the Shang dynasty (1600-1046 BC). It was originally used in divination practices, where it was believed to represent a powerful spiritual force that could bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

Over time, the character 福 became associated with other positive qualities such as longevity, health, and happiness. Today, it is a widely recognized and beloved symbol in Chinese culture, and is often displayed in homes, businesses, and public spaces as a way to invite good fortune and blessings into one’s life.

Tradition and Meaning of 福祿壽

福祿壽 (fú lù shòu) is a traditional Chinese decorative motif featuring the characters for blessings, prosperity, and longevity. These three characters are:

福 (fú) – representing blessings or good fortune

祿 (lù) – representing prosperity or wealth

壽 (shòu) – representing longevity or a long life

Together, these characters form the “Three Abundances” (三多, sān duō), and are often used in Chinese art and decor to invoke these blessings in one’s life.

The tradition of 福祿壽 dates back to ancient China, where it was believed that displaying these characters in one’s home or business could bring about good luck and fortune. The use of these characters was especially popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties and was often incorporated into various forms of art and architecture.

福 (fú) represents blessings or good fortune and is often depicted as a stylized bat. In Chinese culture, bats are considered to be symbols of good luck and prosperity.

祿 (lù) represents prosperity or wealth and is often associated with the accumulation of material wealth and financial success.

壽 (shòu) represents longevity or a long life and is often depicted with the Chinese character for “long” (長, cháng) to symbolize a long and healthy life.

Today, 福祿壽 remains a popular motif in Chinese art and culture, and is often used in decorations for festivals such as Chinese New Year, weddings, and other celebrations. It is a powerful symbol of the Chinese people’s desire for happiness, prosperity, and longevity, and a testament to their rich cultural heritage.



The Fu (Blessing) Chinese Trivet is an advanced beginner mosaic crochet pattern. Mosaic crochet is a colorwork technique that is worked on the right side (RS) only. Each row uses one color, which will require us to fasten off and cut off the working yarn at the end of each row. The only two stitches that is required to work on a mosaic crochet pattern are single crochet and double crochet.

If this is the first time you come across a mosaic crochet project, don’t be afraid. The technique is really simple, and I guide you through it with a very detailed explanation and picture tutorial on the PDF pattern! The pattern consists of 14 pages, more than 30 pictures and a graph, so I promise that even a beginner can do it!

If you don’t wish to make a potholder, you can turn this trivet into a framed art (check picture below). The PDF pattern also comes with instructions on how to do this 🙂


To work on this pattern, you will need:


Approx. 8”-9” square (after blocking).


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